DEBUTTAL: Steven Crowder’s Anti-Trans Rant

I saw a video by Steven Crowder and decided to commentate on it. Crowder’s video is about Chris Cuomo, who I guess I defended in an earlier article.

Now, I’m just going to say, this was a bit rushed, and you should definitely watch the video first so that you know more about what I’m talking about when I bring up most of these quotes.


“Crowder: It’s very typical of how today’s regressive left argues these types of issues.”

I’m not gonna deny that Chris Cuomo seems, to me, kind of like a dope. I don’t really know him all that well, though. From what I have seen, I generally agree with his conclusions, but not exactly his arguments. I also think I, or any other tranny, don’t quite need Cuomo standing up for me, he kind of just makes trannies look bad.

However, that being said, his conclusions are fair. Arguments might be bad, but his conclusions can’t just be dismissed entirely on the quality of the arguments, they must be put to the test, otherwise we cannot know for sure.

“Crowder: The hormones required […] This is superhuman.”

“Jared: Some may call these stats, significant.

Crowder: Some also may call them a “statistical advantage.””

I disagree with the claim that is “superhuman,” as that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I daresay that it’s possible that a natural boy could be the match of the trans boy, for various reasons. Which brings me to something important.

The trans boy in question, Mack Beggs, wanted to go to the boy’s wrestling division. He was denied this, and instead forced to stay in the girl’s wrestling division. Now people are complaining that because of his medical condition, he has an unfair advantage. However, would the trans boy have that same advantage if he was in the boy’s wrestling division? I’m not going to look this up, I’ll assume we’re all going to come to the assumption that the trans boy wouldn’t be advantaged in that division.

So… the options of this trans boy are either “stop taking your medically prescribed hormones” or “quit wrestling.” Honestly, fuck both of those options. If they don’t like what’s happening, come up with a fucking solution that doesn’t result in the two above outcomes, instead of whining when the things that YOU pushed for are happening.

((NOTE: Read the below section under “EDIT FROM MARCH 1st 2017” for an updated version of my response to this.))

“Crowder: Accept the science.” [shows a video of Jared beating Kourtney in arm wrestling]

I don’t think that Kourtney takes testosterone, which you JUST said was what gave the trans boy an advantage over the girls.

“Crowder: Usually this would be a straw man…”

I am aware of what Chris Cuomo was actually referring to when he made that comment, and I wrote an article about this. Blah blah.

“Crowder: I don’t believe you should ever absolve yourself of arguing ideas.”

This is actually the kind of libertarian-style pro-free speech that I like to hear. Good shit, Crowder.

“Crowder: We went to his Twitter page…”

I almost want to laugh at that image, but straw mans are only funny when they’re poorly drawn in MSPaint.

“Crowder: I thought it was about science [not accommodation].”

You can make multiple different arguments for something, though. And perhaps the level of comfort and accommodation are scientifically measurable? Maybe we just know what accommodation means, because we are smart? Whatever, I’m just saying this isn’t really a legitimate point to criticize him on.

((NOTE: Read the below section under “EDIT FROM MARCH 1st 2017” for an updated version of my response to this.))

“Crowder: This is the difference between leftist parenting and conservative parenting.”

Nah, mate. It’s the difference between trying to make an effort for your child to be reasonably comfortable and what could be considered child neglect. The comparison of (the known effective) social transition to something… trivial is just a false one, good mental health is important for our youth, and social transition/the gender affirmation method is, seemingly, a part of that.

There is a difference between giving your child everything he/she wants, and trying to raise your child to be healthy and happy. I’m positive if Chris Cuomo had kids, he wouldn’t accomodate everything. Hell, I personally know people who have kids that supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. Bernie Sanders is the only “socialist” in Congress, probably in all of Washington if I’m correct, so that at least implies they’re pretty leftist. You think they let their kid have whatever he wants? Because if you do, then you’re wrong. I’ll admit they’re more lenient on him that I’d be if I had a kid, but they’re not like you straw man them to be. And again, these were Sanders supporters… implication of left-ness and all that.

((NOTE: Read the below section under “EDIT FROM MARCH 1st 2017” for an updated version of my response to this.))

“Crowder: “I wanna use the ladies room.” “No.””

Here’s where you show you have little to no nuance about a situation. Crowder, I am a transgirl. As the girly worthless faggot I was, I’ve been assaulted in the boy’s room twice. I’m fucking lucky they didn’t do any permanent damage to me. So far since using women’s restrooms I’ve been assaulted zero times. The worst I’ve gotten is yelled at for putting on my makeup instead of actually using the bathroom. And I’ve assaulted people zero times in both cases.

I have several friends who can report times when they’ve been assaulted or harassed when using the “male space.” I can’t name any of them who’ve had problems with the ladies rooms. I know I usually cite my sources, but for the privacy of the friends I’m talking about, I won’t expose any identifying information.

Call my evidence anecdotal if you will, but I feel like this shows that some groups are literally just better off using the ladies room. For their own safety.

“Cuomo: Transgender, doesn’t happen on a whim, it’s a continuum of time and hormones and pain and anxiety”

Why does this sound so incoherent and cringe-y? Cuomo, you make yourself hard to defend, mate…

Anyway, he’s sort of right. Trannies don’t choose to be trans, it’s just sort of something that apparently we’re born with. And it is common for anxiety and hormones to be involved with our situations, I guess.

“Cuomo: It doesn’t happen.”

“Crowder: It happens all the time.”

Let’s break this down.

Now, I think the Huffington Post wrote something about trans people and bathrooms, a sort of “debunking myths” post, but I haven’t read it and don’t know what it contains, also it’s HuffPo and I’m pretty sure they’re really left-wing, and thus not going to convince or attract anybody who isn’t. But they do give sources for their information, I think, so if you trust them, go ahead.

Voyeurism is not common for transsexuals, but saying that it never happens isn’t true. No class is special, they all have their bad sides and their good sides.

It’s also inaccurate to say “it happens all the time.” It’s quite rare, due to both the low to average rates and the fact that the transsexual population is quite tiny.

Again, I talk about this in my Nolte response. It should also be noted that transsexuals are much more often than not VICTIMS of crimes in restrooms. And also victims of sexual assault. Milo Yiannopoulos doesn’t seem like a really credible source, now does he?

((NOTE: Read the below section under “EDIT FROM MARCH 1st 2017” for an updated version of my response to this.))

“Crowder: It’s not like this has to happen over the course of years…”

Caitlyn Jenner is an exception, not the norm. She should not be taken as a normal tranny. She is way, way more rich and famous. Most trannies aren’t.

Anyway, the WPATH guidelines go something along the lines of “give it a lot of time, so that you don’t fuck things up.” That’s all you need to know, really. So, Jenner is an odd case out, because she got, I think a fuck-ton of surgeries?

Yeah, hormones usually take, like, at least three months to really start having an effect. And they might take up to three years to be the best they can.

I believe you might just be thinking about that Lauren Southern video, or something.

((NOTE: Read the below section under “EDIT FROM MARCH 1st 2017” for an updated version of my response to this.))

“Crowder: It takes longer to get a revolver in New Jersey than it does to change your sex on your driver’s licence.”

I’m going to whine about how gender/sex shouldn’t have a legal status, almost no one is going to understand what I mean, I’m going to do it anyway. Just you wait…

Also, do you have a source for that? ((NOTE: apparently this was true))

“Crowder: 98% of confused boys and 88% of confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty.”

I’m not sure what this statistic is supposed to mean? I also think it’s inaccurate, but that’s besides the point. Let me give you an example of why: a lot of people think they might be gay but find out they’re not. Does that mean that homosexuals don’t exist, or that homosexuality is a choice? No, it doesn’t. It just means people give enough of a shit to take into consideration something that might be true, instead of never learning and perhaps regretting it in the future.

I personally encourage people to explore their sexuality so that they can find out who and what they like. You might like dick and vagina. Who knows! You might like it or you might not. At least then, you’ll know for sure.

I’m pretty sure I already linked this, but a friend of mine wrote something kind of in response to some similar claim. A good read, as always.

“Crowder: [The suicide rate…] it’s at least that high even after [the treatment]”

Here’s the part that made me want to get into autistic screeching– er I mean writing a blog post about this video. This right here is a piece of blatant misinformation, and it’s saddening that Crowder would relay it.

The suicide rate decreases after transition, which we know from a wide variety of sources. Like, seriously, just bucket-loads of credible sources. As do, typically, anxiety rates, depression rates, et cetera… all those decrease after transition. We’ve, kind of known this for almost at least a century now.

The myth that transition does not decrease the suicide rate is a seemingly common one, and one that can be dangerous. The reason why we have access to transition is because it is one of the only things that can prevent us from, you know, eventually killing ourselves. So if spreading the rumor that it is dangerous and not helpful gets any legitimate ground, it is not going to be a good thing.

“Crowder: Gender has no basis in biology,”

Genes, neurological structure and function, hormone levels… all of these things are apparently NOT biology; good to know, Crowder. ;^)

“Crowder: Any way you look at it, the [trans] community is not mentally healthy. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily a mental illness, but if you care about the group, let’s actually try to get to a solution […] instead of throwing drugs.”

I have a few parts to respond to this.

First of all, Crowder’s implication is somewhat true, even if I’d say he’s a bit shy about it. There’s two things you should look at, this article by a friend of mine, and this statement from the same friend:

“best part I’d that that post only applies to adult transitioners. Not children who are supported.

“studies show that children supported in gender have less psychopathology ie aren’t crazy.

“they show normative levels for kids their age. Meaning psychopathology isn’t inherent to trans.

ie. It isn’t actually a mental illness at all.” ~Cursed E (@EdesruC)


Another friend of mine, who I may presume wishes to remain anonymous, then provided a source in support of what Cursed is saying here.

Second of all, this *is* the solution. There are several research groups and studies which show that transition is the only effective method for minimizing dysphoria. And, believe you me, we’ve had almost a century worth of people working on this stuff, many of whom were trying to stop trannies from wearing girl clothes like abominations, we can’t fucking stop them even with electricity. Depression goes down, anxiety goes down, suicide rates go down… and the idea that we’re just “throwing drugs” is ridiculous. Trans healthcare is fucking horrible and takes literal ages. For me personally, I’ve been requesting prescription hormones since late September of 2016. I’m scheduled to get my first legitimate prescription in early September of 2017. Yeah. I’m fucking, cripplingly depressed because of my dysphoria, I find it hard to look at myself most of the time and the lack of motivation is really damaging my work and career. And despite how fucked it is for me, I have to wait for over six months now to get a prescription.

I don’t blame you for not knowing, since this is kind of trivial for you, I’d guess, since you’re not a tranny, but come on, mate, don’t go out spouting information that’s so not true that I look at my situation and go “I fucking wish.” Oh, and the transition regret rate is, like, really low as all hell, if even existent.

Third and finally, while it is true that transsexualism is a mental condition and that dysphoria is a factor that makes trannies suicidal, it is NOT true to say that transsexualism is the ONLY factor in the suicide rate of transsexuals. There seems to be AT MINIMUM an increase of 5-6% in the suicide rate due to the commonality of harassment, and it perhaps maxes out at 20% of a factor purely due to increased intensity. There’s also the fact that transition treatment doesn’t fully cover all the bases of dysphoria, because it’s not an entirely sound procedure to give transsexuals the reproductive organs of the opposite sex. As much as that would be great, we seem to be somewhat distant from that happening. There’s also the fact that due to dysphoria and harassment experiences, transsexuals develop other mental health issues which increase their suicide rate… there’s a lot more factors that go into this than you attribute to it.


Moral of the story here, especially for mister Steven Crowder: don’t lie when it comes to important issues. It makes you a huge fucking tool. 😦


(In before somebody complains that I cited some sources multiple times in this post. Shh, enjoy the sauces.)



Going to update this just a bit, as two of my friends brought things to my attention that I felt were relevant to address.

A friend of mine pointed out some parts where he personally disagreed with my blog post, and I sort of feel that I need to be accurate and honest about what I’m writing if I’m going to be calling Crowder out for not doing so. As such, I took my friend’s commentary to heart, and here is my public response to it.

“the super human comment was based comparing a trans-male on testosterone therapy to a cis-female. So he was pointing to differences in physical structure. Thus the super human comparison” ~@AircraftSparky (via DM)

Earlier in the article I criticized Crowder’s use of “super human” because the idea Crowder was proposing was that Mack Beggs’ strength was such. I pointed out that, compared to the strength of a natural boy, Mack Beggs would not be considered super human.

However, in the context that Crowder was saying this, he meant Mack Beggs’ solely in comparison to the strength of the average female– that Beggs being on testosterone made his strength super human in comparison. Crowder does seem to have scientific evidence to say that the testosterone contributed to Beggs’ strength and the evidence of Beggs being successful in the league supports the idea that it provided him an advantage.

Here’s what Crowder said in the video to specify that:

“Crowder: And for context, by the way, this is superhuman […] for competing against a girl, this is superhuman.”

I submit that, in this context, the figurative language of “super human” is fair, even if I would not use it myself. That criticism is not very strong.

I do want to point out that I feel like this is exactly why Beggs should have been allowed in the boys’ wrestling league, as this advantage would mean nothing there. I do not believe it is fair to say that Beggs should either have to stop taking his prescription hormones or not be in any wrestling league, and if the girl’s wrestling league participation is deemed unfair, then the other league should be done. If anything, Crowder’s point only supports my argument for this.

For the Courtney part, I still say it’s in question whether a biological girl on testosterone could be anywhere on par with a natural boy. The points he made were true but didn’t address the solution even brought up by Cuomo– just letting Beggs be in the boys’ wrestling league.

“Steven attacked Cuomo’s argument in general. He destroyed Cuomo based on Cuomo’s inability to argue.” ~AircraftSparky

I will bring up in full context what is being referred to:

“Cuomo: The issue is acceptance. If this state allowed this kid to wrestle against boys, which is what he wants, we wouldn’t be talking about this case right now.”

“Crowder: It’s now about acceptance, see, it was about science […] before, “If you had done the research on science,”– now the issue is about acceptance. OK, well how about this– how about you, Chris Cuomo, accept the science!”

I misquoted, what with being rushed.

I do personally feel that Cuomo’s argument was weak. I feel like Cuomo was on the track of good arguments I’ve heard before, but he seemed to just be relaying scraps of information from those arguments, in very quick and even somewhat forced ways. He sort of lacked a great enough coherence, and it didn’t look that good.

However, despite Cuomo not being talented in debate, the points he made were not entirely untrue, which is what I wanted to point out. Think about this:

Science determines that climate change is occurring. This is a scientific fact. However, a body of government choosing to accept this scientific fact does not directly determine what action they will take. The action they will take depends on how much of a problem they personally feel the scientific fact is, what the cost and methods of the potential solutions will be, what the end-goal is, all sorts of things. It’s about support– if one person says “we should change everything to green power,” anyone and everyone is inclined to question this, and that person’s support would be “climate change is real and it is a problem.” However, as I want to make clear, “listening to the science” or “arguing the science” does not immediately translate to a given outcome. You can admit that climate change is real and that it is a problem, but you may also be under the opinion that the damage to, say, the fuel industry would be too great, so you may want to take a different approach with the interest of “we should try to reduce climate change without damaging our economy.”

Cuomo says “transsexualism is science” and it is true– however, this does not denote that transsexuals should be accepted at all. When Cuomo then says that the goal is acceptance, then it becomes a fair point– he looks at a factual observation, identifies it as an undesirable problem, and proposes a principle which should be applied as a goal relating to this problem– that principle being acceptance.

So Chris Cuomo’s argument isn’t nonsensical in the way Crowder pointed out.

Here’s another part I was told I should’ve given more context to:

“Cuomo: I challenge you, and everybody who’s listening, to go and find me a case, of indecent exposure, by a transgender person, in a bathroom. It doesn’t happen.”

“Crowder: It happens all the time. We’ve written about it […] it happens all the time”

“Crowder: It’s not like this has to happen over the course of years…”

I believe that the above response I gave to this section still holds up as an accurate response.

I also want to point out that… natural women have also done crimes like this in women’s bathrooms. In fact, natural men who call themselves men do this shit. It’s not an issue exclusive to transgirls, it’s an issue of criminals. And the majority of trannies aren’t criminals. For some context, let’s look at the Wikipedia article on this…

So, you see, painting the kind of picture that Crowder has isn’t really truthful.

I’m told that the third quote was also related and I misunderstood it.

“Crowder: This is the difference between leftist parenting and conservative parenting.”

I was told this was a joke. I’ll let it go.



Alright, now onto possibly more interesting things. My friend wrote a blog post talking about Mack Beggs. Check it out!


That’s all for this update.






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