Ben Shapiro tries to slam trannies again (and fails, again)

Considering how Shapiro has evidently decided to ignore me and my posts now, I thought I was going to stop reacting to him for a bit. However, this just came across my timeline, and, oh boy, it’s just so dumb that I knew I couldn’t just let it be without tearing it apart as it properly deserves to be.

“The Insanity of the Left’s Transgender Children Agenda”

From a title like this, it sounds like you’re going to push political propaganda even if at the expense of the safety and health of others… claiming that other people are pushing political propaganda even if at the expense of the safety and health of others. Conservative principles, everybody.

Here’s the post that Shapiro talks about in his article (but doesn’t link).

“Turban says that doctors should begin applying puberty blockers to children who identify as transgender as early as possible. That’s because, according to him, “it has become clear that if we support these children in their transgender identities instead of trying to change them, they thrive instead of struggling with anxiety and depression.””

And Turban is right.

I don’t know what’s so controversial about this statement. “Hey, there’s this condition that causes anxiety and depression, those are decidedly bad things, and this is the only option available, so we should make sure we prescribe this.” It seems pretty straightforward and benign, does it not?

Make no mistake, gender dysphoria is a seriously agonizing thing to experience. It’s more than “oh, I feel a slight bit perturbed about things,” it’s much worse than you might merely imagine. It’s a sort of insidious inspiration of self-hatred, one of hyper-awareness of the body and where every perceived imperfection is one that rattles to the core. Even when I was as young as ten years old, my dysphoria lead me with a deep inspiration to wear long-sleeved shirts and jeans even in the hot summers because of how much I hated my body. I can now understand clearly how my own internal conflict led me to make the conflict external, to act out in anger and confusion against others in a way that was quite detrimental for my life.

Believe you me, if I could’ve prevented any of this, if I could’ve made this at least stop progressing at any point, I most certainly would have done so. There’s no question in my mind that puberty blockers are something that will be extremely helpful for trans kids going through the sort of experiences that I– and many others– have.

“Turban uses as his example one 14-year-old girl named Hannah who was born a boy named Jonah. Turban glows: “Hannah is using a puberty-blocking implant and getting ready to embark on the path of developing a female body by starting estrogen. Ten years ago most doctors would have called this malpractice. New data has now made it the protocol for thousands of American children.”

Ten years ago, doctors weren’t embracing politically correct insanity as medicine.”

So, a man from the Yale School of Medicine makes a claim based off of data and evidence that he is aware of and likely worked on, and Ben Shapiro challenges the legitimacy of the claim by accusing him of having a political agenda. This rebuttal isn’t based on any evidence, just a claim that Shapiro makes off-hand, as if that just makes his argument null.

This is the same sort of argument used whenever a poor person supports welfare, the line that sounds something like “you just want welfare because you’re just lazy and bitter and don’t want to work to support your own self.” It doesn’t address the legitimacy of the claim or look at the pros and cons of the idea on itself, it just accuses the person who presented the idea as being biased, and thus anything they say can’t be trusted by definition. It’s a handy way to try and make other people’s arguments look bad even when you don’t have a proper counter-argument of your own! Which, clearly, seems to be the case for Shapiro here.

Also, something that’s kind of odd is that Shapiro doesn’t note how Turban was referring to how doctors from ten years ago would try to convince trans kids that they weren’t trans and how this would lead to trans kids having worse lives because of it. You know, sort of like conversion therapy. What with the whole idea that being trans is a choice that you can make on a whim and all– it seems pretty similar to what’s now seen as horrible speech about homosexuaity. Of course, transsexualism and homosexuality are different, but in this sense they share some common ground.

Were those doctors really correct about what they were doing? Were they not embracing an agenda divorced from the facts? You can make a much better argument against the idiots from a decade ago than you can against Turban.

“Turban, you see, claims that by transforming children’s bodies younger, we will help them avoid societal stigma, and that it’s that stigma that’s responsible for the shockingly high rates of suicide and depression associated with gender dysphoria. But there’s no hard data to support that notion.”

Now Ben Shapiro is just talking out of his ass. Medical transition is the only known treatment for gender dysphoria. There are also advised treatments of seeing therapists along with this, and this in its entirety is known very well to allow gender dysphoric people to live normal lives with normal levels of depression and all that. Medical transition doesn’t directly treat gained depression, but it does treat the underlying cause of the depression– it alleviates the gender dysphoria. This is why therapy alone doesn’t work, because it doesn’t minimize the dysphoria. Medical transition in itself also has effects on depression and anxiety, but sometimes it’s not quite enough, which is why the therapy is advised.

Hell, Turban even linked something in which showed support for his claims in the article.

Ben Shapiro is being misleading to the point of dishonesty here. Or– more likely,–he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“A study from professors at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, for example, found that 46 percent of transgender men and 42 percent of transgender women in the study had attempted suicide.

Is this due to discrimination? The study does show high levels of discrimination against transgender people. But it also shows that the suicide rate among transgender women who say people identify them as transgender regularly is 45 percent. How about those who are able to pass for the gender to which they claim membership? Their suicide rate is still 40 percent . How about the suicide rate among those transgender individuals who have had hormone treatment? It’s 45 percent. Surgery doesn’t militate against suicide either.”

How many times do I have to debunk the myth that medical transition doesn’t help?

In fact, Shapiro isn’t even referring to the suicide rate. He’s looking at lifetime suicide attempts, which is a different thing. Obviously it doesn’t include successful suicide attempts, despite how it sounds. In fact, many trans people who commit suicide take the fact that they are trans as a secret to their grave, so it truly may be nearly impossible to produce an accurate statistic on this.

But, I mean, come on– do people really believe that almost half of all trans people in the United States commit suicide– even when medical transition and therapy is the prescribed and commonly accepted treatment for them? It’s a ridiculous notion. That’s clearly not what the Williams Institute meant by their study.

And Ben Shapiro implies that discrimination doesn’t effect the suicide rate at all– or at least that it doesn’t affect certain trans people, without providing any evidence.

Also, “the gender to which they claim membership”– the avoidance of accepting trans people for who they are turns into really clunky wording, doesn’t it?

“But Turban has an agenda.”

Riiiight, the Yale Medical School guy with loads of data has an agenda– not the conservative talk show host, though, no political bias there, that’s not even possible. Christ, man, my eyes are rolling out of my fucking skull from reading this line.

“And so, he cites one study of 63 transgender children, which found that if they were allowed to “socially transition” — if people treated them as their preferred sex — then they had indistinguishable levels of anxiety and depression from that of their peers.”

Shapiro is referring to this study, which he doesn’t link, for some reason.

This study, interestingly, is actually something that shows that transsexualism isn’t a “mental illness” or “mental disorder” in the sense that conservatives like Ben Shapiro want to portray it as, but rather a biological anomaly that requires treatment and thus receives a medical recognition for such.

“But this study concerns children, who have not yet experienced the rigors of sex drive and sexual dynamics; it also ignores the small sample size and the fact that a reported 8 in 10 children who experience gender confusion grow out of it. But Turban’s fine with maintaining gender confusion for those 8 children out of 10 in order to preserve Hannah’s peace of mind — even if Hannah might have grown out of her symptoms herself, thereby lowering risk of suicide over time.”

First of all, I will say that Shapiro might be fair to point out confounding variables, but he doesn’t give enough evidence to explain why this matters or if it would make a difference; he’s just shooting from the hip about it and denying all existing evidence. If Shapiro believes his is right, then he should test his hypothesis and account for these variables. Until then, he doesn’t have room to act like these things would prove Turban wrong, because there’s simply no available proof of that. He’s just talking out of his ass without anything to back it up at all, just theoretical musings.

Second of all, Shapiro brings up the infamous 80% number– which has been debunked time and time again. It’s annoying how much misleading misinformation spreads.

Third of all, what Shapiro doesn’t talk about is how puberty blockers aren’t permanent. If Hannah really isn’t trans, if Hannah will grow out of it, then Hannah can, without any long-lasting effects of the puberty blockers.

“This is science with an agenda.”

Ben Shapiro suddenly gains a distinct sense of self-awareness at this point in the article!

“Adults should be free to make decisions about their sexuality and their bodies.”

Hm, this reminds me– Shapiro is anti-abortion. Which means that, really, he thinks that adults should be free to make decisions about their bodies UNLESS it upsets his personal philosophical definition and perception of what personhood means and his sense of morality. When it comes to that, then they shouldn’t be able to do it. Then they should carry the baby to term unless they’re absolutely positively going to kill themselves (not accounting for psychological trauma), then they should be castrated by the state for a crime (hopefully the rape accusations don’t turn out to be false!)– that’s what Shapiro believes.

Yeah, Shapiro, totally.

Shapiro, I have to slightly disagree with you on this. I believe everyone should be free to take on well-informed decisions that will affect their lives with proper understanding and consent of what it will hold– at whatever age they may require treatment for something and are able to give informed consent. Even adults should know what they’re getting into for anything, and people responsible for it should have to tell them what they’re getting into. But yeah, once someone comprehends the gravity of what they might be getting into, then it should be up to them whether or not they want to go through with it.

“But children should not be subjected to the whims of politically driven adults when it comes to massive bodily mutilation that impairs function for a lifetime — all before the child has experienced puberty.”

Puberty blockers aren’t prescribed before the kid experiences puberty. A study was conducted in which the author specified a limit for a point of puberty in which blockers can even be prescribed, which is upon the Tanner scale of puberty as stage 2 being reached.

What Shapiro also doesn’t point out is the fact that puberty blockers are used to treat precocious puberty in kids who aren’t trans but experience it early– yet Shapiro has no protest to those kids being treated for their condition, just if it’s trans kids being treated for theirs.

So yeah, Shapiro’s fearmongering about “massive bodily mutilation” here is, quite simply, just fearmongering.

“And society should not be obligated to obey the gender theory nonsense of the radical left, which seeks to confuse as many children as possible in the name of an anti-biological program in service to a political agenda.”

This just sounds like bullshit. I don’t think you should have to believe or support anything, but I do believe it’s moral to not neglect children suffering dysphoria. Have your own political beliefs, ignore facts if you must, I don’t care, just please don’t let that allow children to suffer. I know that I myself say that struggle is a part of the human condition, but these are children, facing up against something that many adults can’t even handle. They shouldn’t have to go through this. And I’m thankful that medical associations and scholars agree with me (and Turban) on this, those are making sure that trans kids don’t have to suffer.

Ben Shapiro, it’s not Turban who has a political agenda here. It’s you. And it’s pretty pathetic that you think you have to write this propaganda to try and push it.





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