Debunking A Trans Suicide Myth

I’m making this blog basically to be used to easily show to people who believe or push a common myth associated with trans suicide.   Let’s look at the common myth of the 41% suicide rate that doesn’t go down after transition.   Let’s allow for some context to this. A William’s Institute study shows […]

John Nolte’s Ridiculous Article

Because we have more “””friends””” at The Daily Wire than just mister Ben Shapiro, who I’ve already written one or two articles on, I thought we should give them a bit more attention. In defense of allowing guys into the girl’s locker rooms, on his verified twitter feed Thursday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo declaratively stated […]

Ben Shapiro misses the point. By about a mile.

Hello boys, we’re back at it again with another piece from our good friend(?) Benjamin Aaron “Ben” Shapiro. This time, in article form, rather than an excerpt from a speech. Oh, how I do enjoy the extreme care and Fox News-brand conservatism that comes from him. I talked about his opinions on transgenderism a while before, […]

Rating Trump vs. Antifa

Words like “fascist” I feel like have been thrown around a lot lately, so much that they’ve begun to lose meaning. What I mean specifically is that of Trump, and all who aide his administration, are called this. I will admit that Trump is more socially authoritarian than me– so much so I might call […]